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What's New In CF - the ROCK

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NEW! Comodo LaunchPad is now optional
NEW! Protection against buffer overflow attacks via Windows DEP Activation
NEW! Comodo Firewall now has its own system tray icon
NEW! Windows XP Fast USer Switching Support
NEW! Added Do Protocol Analysis Option
NEW! Added packet checksum verification feature
NEW! Added an option to define Alert Frequency level
NEW! Added defense for own registry keys and files against malware tampering
NEW! Added Suspicious file submission capability
NEW! Added Update capability for COMODO certified applications database
IMPROVED! Defense against process termination attacks for critical firewall processes
IMPROVED! Default network control rules
IMPROVED! New icons for rules section
IMPROVED! Tasks and Advanced section layouts are redesigned
IMPROVED! Effect on OS system performance has significantly been decreased
IMPROVED! Reduced Memory Usage
IMPROVED! Many graphical user interface enhancements
(e.g. REMOTE keyword is changed to DESTINATION in rule interfaces)


  • Comodo Firewallが独自のタスクトレイアイコンを持つようになった。
  • Launch Padの自動起動や自動アップデートの有効・無効の選択が可能になった。
  • ルール作成の速度が向上?
  • ユーザ選択画面でのスタンバイから復帰後のもたつきが消えた。